The Project

CC + ME is a three-year project with four distinct stages and objectives:

  1. Understand the diversity of children and young people’s awareness and attitudes that are supportive of positive climate change action in Northern, NSW. This stage involves training local primary and secondary students as co-researchers who will investigate climate change awareness in their communities, and publish their findings on the CC + ME blog.
  2. Map, represent and inform children and young people’s awareness, attitudes and actions towards climate change in Northern, NSW. This stage involves community exhibitions of climate change research by children and young people. It also involves the development of the CC + ME Challenge,  an online game and multimedia learning experience which enables children and young people to engage with real-life issues around climate change.
  3. Develop a child-centred climate change curriculum to be made available to all primary and secondary schools in the Northern NSW region. The curriculum and support resources will be locally and regionally relevant to Northern NSW communities, and designed to support ongoing environmental behaviour change and improvements toward climate change.
  4. Network and empower children and young people in the Northern NSW region to voice and action their  climate change issues and concerns. This will involve connecting children and young people across the region in relation to the climate change curriculum and its implementation in primary and secondary schools.

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