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The Climate Change and Me website was developed to provide a social media space for co-researchers to post and comment on their  findings and creative works. This highly secure space is only accessible to the co-researchers.  The co-researchers in various CC + Me projects continue to generate data, using the website to develop a vibrant community of inquiry. Interviews, photos, collaborative stories and games are regularly developed and posted online by the co-researchers themselves, with facilitation from the project team. Some of the online data and dialogues are documented below, which the co-researchers have selected.

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Photography of Baby Birds Living in an Urban Habitat


a great book


Hi guys,

I visited one of my grandmother’s friends the other day to collect some chickens. We got the chickens and began to walk back to the car. However, along the way we heard some cheeping. It was coming from a fencepost. We looked inside and saw some baby birds.

The were just starting to grow rainbow feathers so we decided they were rainbow lorikeets. They looked happy and well fed.

I snapped a couple of shots of them inside the fence post.

I think it is great that these birds are adapting and living in an urban environment and still thriving. I believe it proves that balance is possible.

I recently read a great picture book called Uno’s Garden which was about a rainforest. At first, one man comes to live there. Over time, more and more people come to live there. As the number of buildings go up, the number of trees go down. Eventually the rainforest is completely turned into a lifeless city. All appears lost. The people leave the now ugly city.

Some people stay and slowly they rediscover the treasures that nature has to offer. At the end of the book there is a great picture with an exact equal number of buildings, vegetation and wildlife.`

I believe climate change can only be conquered if we first balance out humans, and our pollution and gases, with nature.

I hope you are having a great summer holidays,

From Skydiving Pistachio


Imagine 2: Coffin of Wood

The little girl woke up and got out of her wooden bed.

She went and sat on the wooden stool in the kitchen and ate her breakfast while sitting at the wooden table.

She went to brush her teeth in the bathroom at the wooden bench.

She went to school and sat at a wooden desk and wrote in exercise books made of paper.

As she was walking home she was sad because of all the wood that was no longer on the trees.

Her mother was angry at her lateness and in her fury she slammed the wooden door.

‘Why do you think of such useless things as trees and animals? It is silly! They do not care for you! Why do you care for them?’

The little girl went into her bedroom with wooden walls and sat on the wooden bed, crying.

The next morning, the mother woke to find that the little girl had run away in the night.

She ran out looking for her, but she ran into a crying man.

‘What’s wrong?’ She asked.

‘I have killed someone! I was just lopping a tree and I didn’t see them!’

‘Don’t worry.’ Said the girl’s mother.

She went into the forest and saw the little girl lying underneath the tree, dead.

The girl’s mother went out and bought acres upon acres of woodland, and when anyone tried to buy it from her, she would ask:

‘Would you chop any trees down?’

And they would say:


“Then I will never sell any of my land to you.”



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  • “If we do not interfere with nature, it will thrive. But if it’s tampered with, it will not survive.”

Our World is Dying

 this flower represents the world in the caveman era when the world wasn't getting polluted, but slowly it will die and start to look like our world now.

this flower represents the world in the caveman era when the world wasn’t getting polluted, but slowly it will die and start to look like our world now.



Our planet is melting! Stop global warming!

A vending machine!


A vending machine! Many may think this a useful tool in life. It produces food and saves you time.

This ‘ useful ‘ tool actually produces a lot of harm to the environment. Firstly,petrol and energy is used to transport the food to these big machines. Then, lots of energy is used to keep the vending machine running. Once people have completed eating their chosen item from the machine, the rubbish is discarded, most likely NOT in the bin! Rubbish travels and eventually reaches the ocean where marine life becomes at risk! And, to top it all off, majority of the food in vending machines is not healthy and quite expensive!

A vending machine! What good do they do to our planet?


kitchen texts


I see so many texts in society that make me laugh because of how people are using the meaning. Sure clean up after yourself in the kitchen, but PLEASE clean up after yourself and be responsible for your carbon footprint. World leaders (that can no longer lead us into destruction)  please be considerate of others and clean up this mess that has been created so when you leave, you are leaving a safe sustainable planet for future generations to come!

Think Next Time

Think next time

The effect of ‘the HÛMÁÑ’




hey guys this is my first post and so yeah i hope u enjoy it!

GET INSPIRED THIS SUMMER!  Go outside take some pics of what u think relates to c.c.! Find a picture that inspires YOU and will hopefully inspire other people too!

Do an art work about how climate change will affect the earth and every living being on it!!


THE PICTURE I HAVE CHOSEN ABOVE REALLY SPEAKS TO ME. It says ‘CHANGE AHEAD’ which to me means that anything could happen, there’s not just one path to choose!

It may not even refer to climate change it could mean anything!


The change (1 reply)

1 month ago

It is happening all around us the evidence is undeniable many call it by different names such as the greenhouse effect or global warning but we all know that it is coming the change of the geographic era but I will simply call it The Change. The beginning of a new industrial era brought on this severe change in the biology of the planet. The Ozone layer is breaking down there is a patch in the layer around the earth the only thing that protects us from the hostile vacuum of space and all that it inclines is breaking down. This is due to the greenhouse effect in basis it is keeping in all the harmful gases and affecting the climate like green house keeping in all of the light and water partials to help the plants only this change in climate will not help us. It could cause flooding due to the break down of the polar ice caps and the intensity of heat could cause more droughts and intensely change the length of the seasons.

Now though I have just given a grim definition of the change do not think we are doomed there is still hope. we the next generation can stop the change from doing anymore damage. Our voice though it may seem small can call out to the many and stop the change before it damages our world long term. We have to live in this world as a result of our predecessors and our children will too so we must stop the change before it goes too far and now we can.

Help guide Aoi a clumsy teen who only wants to help stop The Change but he needs your help your voice to help him through his struggle. Help create Aoi’s story and make him able to get through this with friends make up people to help him in his journey or help him yourself if you please make his story your story and his struggle yours too. Use the notes you gathered for research to help him make a difference. I will post the beginning of Aoi’s story and his bio so that you can make up the rest of his story if you want to help him make a difference. Maybe even make your own Eco warrior for others to write about. You may do as you please with him but please keep it appropriate and with the topic.

1 month ago

that’s right we do have to make a change

The beginning of the change- Aoi’s story and yours (5 replies)

1 month ago

November 17th 2014

Aoi’s bio

Age: 14

Gender: boy

Hair: a almost neon blue, short messy

Clothing: casual mostly jeans baggy shirts and large hoodie jumpers and
Large sneakers

Accessories: one silver earring and a gold family ring

The story beginning- note you can slightly change this if you please

A room that looked like bomb hit it, clothes scattered messily on the floor a bed that didn’t look much like a bed more like a table with books scattered on the end. A bag crumbled in the corner with a clatter of key chains and bulging with the shape of a lunch box. This was Aoi’s room he was messy though he would claim this as organised chaos and leave it there it wasn’t that he couldn’t clean no he was perfectly capable of that it was just he couldn’t be bothered or he would claim that he had ‘bigger problems to focus on’ though that was a lie though Aoi was bright all he ever focused on was grazing by with just above average grades. His mother and father worried for him but what could they do it was his life and they couldn’t force him to do anything. They loved him so much but there was no point he wouldn’t go out of his way to please them.

Though Aoi was a loving son and though he though the world of his parents he didn’t want to worry about getting good grades just to please them alone though if his grades dropped below average or just on the average line he’d study hard core to get back his place. Though it seemed though he didn’t care he actually did at least enough to work hard to get above average again. It wasn’t the fact that Aoi didn’t care about school he did a lot and decided that when it comes to university entrance exams he would go for more than just above average as he had before but until then the topics school discussed weren’t engaging for him. The only subject he actually liked was science.

He was interested in the workings of the universe and was a full blow realist. He always cared about the earths geological problems and biological workings. He was always interested in that but there were so many branches of science that he was overwhelmed with choices but he had always been sure that he wanted to help people. He considered going into genetics and helping people like Fiona Wood the inventor of spray on skin. But when he though about it helping people like that would be difficult for a fourteen year old teen.

Then when he thought on giving up on science on the verge of becoming some generic worker for a large company he found out about climate change. It was through a university talk that he found out about it in depth. He new it affected the climate and had something to do with the Ozone layer but he knew nothing else about the topic but after the talk he decided to search for some information and he took to the topic of climate change like a
Duck to water. He was so strongly taken by the topic he began to post about it on face book, twitter, myspace (if anyone even knows what that is anymore)

He was so interested in this topic and he wanted people to become more aware but how could he make a difference? He was only a child in the eyes of the public not likely to be taken seriously then he found the CC and me site and found that he could make a difference. So he has began posters artwork social media messaging but how will his strive for awareness of this topic continue? You can decide and take over his story…