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Here is the list of all four climate change avatars:


Shudon: Dismissive or Doubtful


Shudon is certain that climate change is not happening. You have thought about the issue a good deal and consider yourself well-informed. You are quite certain that it is not caused by human activity and is possibly a naturally occurring phenomena. You believe scientists are in disagreement on the issue. You are fairly certain that people and the environment are not in danger of being harmed by climate change.


Mebe: Unaware or Don’t Care


Mebe doesn’t really have an opinion on climate change. You acknowledge that you do not know much about climate change and have given the issue very little thought. You don’t know what causes climate change and what the long-term impacts might be.


Elbereth: Worried or Concerned.


Eliberth is convinced that climate change is happening and believes that there is scientific consensus. You also believe that humans are responsible for climate change. You are not quite sure if it is going to personally affect you, but believe that global action is required for future generations.


Aoi: Hopeful, Informed or Positive



Aoi is the most convinced that climate change is happening. You are actively involved with the issue and worry about it. You firmly recognize that there is scientific consensus, and also believe that humans are responsible for causing the problem. You feel personally threatened by the issue as you feel it is happening here and now. You feel that urgent local and global action is required if climate change is to be reversed. You remain optimistically positive.


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